Brian & Leah's Irish Wedding Adventure


Brian ❤️ Leah

Food and Drink

On the wedding day, we’re hosting a Full Irish Breakfast and evening reception for those staying at Springfield Castle.

For other meals, we’ll plan to eat at pubs either nearby to the castle or in the area of any day trips we make. We’ll also have use of the two kitchens at the castle, so we’ll be able to prepare our own meals as well. We plan to stop at a Tesco grocery store to pick up some staples for ourselves, and you may want to do the same.

The castle has a pub in its basement, which will be set up with a keg of Murphy’s stout for our enjoyment.

Reception Dinner


Choose from the “Lima to Limerick” ceviche or a beetroot, spinach, apple, and toasted seed salad topped with feta cheese and hazelnuts.

Main Course

Classic Irish Roast Beef

Roasts are served with potatoes & fresh seasonal veg from our garden accompanied with a savory pastry case of sauce, i.e. horseradish for the beef

There is a “Rainbow vegan roast” option for vegetarians.


Choose from Jonathan’s Crème Bruleé or Brownies with chocolate sauce and Adare farm ice-cream

Cheese Course

We’ll finish the meal with a selection of local cheeses.